Phone Scam

The Saskatoon Police Service is warning business owners in Saskatoon to be aware of a possible phone scam after Regina Police Service received a report of a phone solicitation pressuring a business owner to arrange for an unnecessary level of training for her employees.

The call made to the business included false representations for WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS training is required under provincial and federal law for workers present who use, handle produce or otherwise are exposed to WHMIS controlled products.

The National WHMIS office has issued the following statement: "The National WHMIS Office is not aware that any Government authority has engaged non government personnel to act on their behalf nor adopted a policy whereby an employer would be compelled to hire the company that contacted them nor any other service provider to meet an employer's legal obligations to provide their workers with WHMIS education and workplace-specific training in respect of WHMIS 'controlled products'."

For more information on WHMIS, please check or"> e.html.

Anyone who receives a similar phone solicitation should take steps to establish the authenticity of the call by contacting WHMIS officials. Anyone suspicious that the phone solicitation is a misrepresentation may make a report to the Saskatoon Police Service Commercial Crime Unit. The may also choose to report the incident to the Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus at or Phonebusters, a nations anti-fraud call center jointly operated by the Ontario Provincial Pol;ice and the RCMP at