Possession Of A Weapon Arrest

An 18 year old Saskatoon man will be back in Provincial Court next week following an incident in which a toy gun was pulled on a Saskatoon police officer.

The officer was jogging along the University Bridge over the noon hour on December 5, 2007 when a male on a bike approached him. The male pulled what appeared to be a black pistol from his waistband and pointed it at the officer who was not in uniform at the time. The officer was able to apprehend the man and gain control of the pistol, which turned out to be a toy gun that had been made to look authentic. The officer was assisted by two other officers who happened to be passing by the area at the time.

18 year old Winston Leon Joseph Wright has been charged with possession of an imitation of a weapon and obstruction. He will appear in Provincial Court for plea at 1:30 p.m. on December 13th.

(Occurrence Number: 2007123443)