Serious Habitual Offender - James Leo Gracie

The Saskatoon Police Service, under the authority and pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, is announcing that a serious habitual offender is residing within the Saskatoon area.
James Leo Gracie – DOB: 1960 February 04, has a history of committing violent sexual offences against young people, unknown to him and with whom he is acquainted. In the previous offences, his victims have been under the age of eighteen years. In addition, Mr. Gracie has a history of using physical force and threats of violence during the commission of his offences.
Mr. Gracie is described as Caucasian male, 197 cm – 6’.2” height and 77 kg – 170 lbs in weight.
Mr. Gracie is subject to conditions he must obey, while on his long term supervision, which require that he:
a) Reside at a specific place and return to that residence nightly.
b) Follow a treatment program aimed at addressing his sex offending and stress management.
c) Disclose all relationships, including friendships with parents or guardian of children to his parole supervisor.
d) Abstain from the use of drugs other that prescribed and/or over the counter medication taken as recommended by the physician or the manufacturer.
e) Must avoid certain places; not to attend places where children under the age of 18 are likely to be present including but not limited to parks, public libraries (recreation centers), pools except during adult oriented times, schools, daycare centers, children’s stores, video arcade, daycare centers, restaurants which cater to children, such as fast food restaurants which feature a play area, unless he had prior written permission from his parole supervisor.
f) Avoid certain person, not to associate with, contact or hire prostitutes or any person he suspects is a sex trade worker.
g) Refrain from being in the presence of minors (under 18) unless accompanied by a responsible adult aware of his sexual deviancy and without prior written permission by the parole supervisor.
h) Refrain from any contact with the victims or the victim’s family.
i) Abstain from the use of alcohol.
j) Report all relationships and acquaintances with females to your parole supervisor.
It is important to know that this information is intended to enable the members of the public to take suitable preventative measures, and not to embark upon any form of vigilantism or other unreasonable conduct diverted at this individual.
The Saskatoon Police Service wants the public to be aware of Mr. Gracie’s presence within the Saskatoon area and of his potential to re-offend. If any person is aware of any violations relating to the actions of Mr. Gracie, we ask you to contact the Saskatoon Police Service immediately at 975-8300. If you consider the event to be of an emergent nature, please call 9-1-1.