New Years Eve In Saskatoon

The city was very active during the New Years Eve celebrations but generally well behaved.

The Police Service attended to 268 calls from 6 pm to 6am on the 1st of January. This number of calls is a busy night. What made it excessively busy was that the greatest number of calls for service, 178, came in only five hours , from 1 am to 6am. The Service was prepared for such an eventuality as extra officers where assigned to duty and they were able to respond in a timely fashion.

The calls for service where to do with noisy parties and noisy people at bars and dwellings. There were a number of traffic collisions that are attributed to the drop in temperature effecting road conditions.

There appears to be no higher numbers of impaired drivers, fights or disturbances, than a normal busy night.

There where two check stops in the city. 135 vehicles where stopped and only two breath demands where made. Both individuals passed their test.