Police Arrest Three For Robbery

Saskatoon Police have three youths in custody charged with two separate incidents of attempted robbery at the Confederation Mall Bus Depot.

Shortly after 8pm last night a 35 year old Saskatoon woman and two 16 year old females were approached by a group of youths. One of the youths, a 16 year old female, punched the two 16 year victims in the head. She then tried to forcibly take the 35 year old victims purse. When the victim resisted, she too was punched in the head by the female attacker.

A 14 year old male accomplice then threatened the woman with bear spray after which the suspects left empty handed.

Police arrived on scene and were in the process of investigating when another victim came forward. This victim, a 16 year old male, informed police that he had been at the Confed Mall Bus Depot earlier when he too was approached by a group of youths. He was punched in the face and then threatened with knives and bear spray as the attackers demanded his phone and other belongings.

Police then located and arrested three suspects.

The three suspects are charged with two counts of Robbery each and will appear in court later today on those charges