Steady Night For Sakatoon Police Patrol And ASU

1:28 am a robbery was called into police from a convenience store in the 1500 block of 22nd St W. Two males armed with a knife, dressed in bunny hugs and jeans held a knife to the employees neck before leaving the store empty handed.

1:59 am saw a cab driver being robbed of a small amount of money but receiving a cut to his hand from a knife. Three male and one female young offender where apprehended after a K-9 track located them in a back yard. One youth had the stolen money on them. Police are investigating if the two robberies are related.

2:43 the police engaged in a chase with a stolen H3 Hummer. The chase went south bound on the Sid Buckwold bridge when the Air Support Unit took over from the patrol car. The stolen vehicle continued further south before returning to the city center via Herman Ave. By Rawlco Radio on Herman Ave Stop Sticks were successfully deployed deflating one front tire. The vehicle was abandoned two blocks away. K-9 tracked at this time and three adult male occupants were arrested.

The arrested persons will appear in court 9:30 am April 17, 2008.