Internal Investigations

The internal investigations under The Police Act, 1990, Disciplinary Regulations regarding two Saskatoon Police Officers have been completed.
A Saskatoon Police Service Sergeant has been suspended without pay for two weeks and has received one year of probation.
Following an incident in July of 2007 which also involved a Saskatoon Police Service Inspector a review by Saskatchewan Justice recommended that a charge of Having Care and Control of a Motor Vehicle While Impaired be laid against Inspector Allan Stickney. However, the review also recommended no criminal charges be laid against Sergeant Tim Korchinski. Subsequent to this Sergeant Korchinski was the subject of an internal review under The Police Act, 1990.
Constable Brett Maki will be suspended for one month without pay and receive one year probation.
Constable Maki was found guilty of Assault Causing Bodily Harm in an off-duty assault, which stemmed from a traffic dispute in December of 2006. Cst. Maki received a Conditional Discharge and was ordered to pay restitution. An internal review under The Police Act, 1990 began following court proceedings.
Typically the results of internal investigations are not released publicly, however due to public attention in both cases, Chief of Police Clive Weighill has released the results. No further comment will be made.