Fraud Alert

The Saskatoon Police Service has received numerous complaints over the last couple of weeks involving counterfeit bills passed at several Saskatoon businesses.

The counterfeit currency has been $10 and $20 denominations in the newer type Canadian bank note, the 2004 and 2005 Canadian Journey Series.

The counterfeit notes have been found to either lack a metallic holographic stripe on the right side of the note, or if the stripe is on the bill it lacks the denomination and color changing feature of a genuine stripe. The counterfeit notes also have light pink horizontal lines running across the notes.

If you have a bank note passed to you that is questionable compare it to a known genuine bill, looking for at least two of the know security features. Try to get as much information as possible from the person passing the note. Inform the person you believe the note to be counterfeit and that you are keeping it to turn over to the police.