Canada Wide Warrant - Graffiti

As a result of information shared across the Canada Graffiti Intel Network (CGIN) a 20 year old graffiti writer is subject to a Canada Wide warrant of arrest for six criminal charges relating to placing his graffiti tag in Saskatoon over the weekend. The charges against Victor Briestensky include two counts of Mischief Under $5000,and 4 counts of Breach of a Recognizance. Investigators requested the warrant believing Mr. Briestensky is traveling to Montreal and may leave the country.
On Tuesday May 14, 2008 The Vancouver Police Departments Anti Graffiti Unit notified the SPS Anti Graffiti Unit (AGU) with information on Mr. Briestensky, provided known samples of his graffiti tag and requested the information that he was traveling across the country be sent out over CGIN. From there investigators in Regina were able to identify the tag, and soon after the same tag was reported on two buildings in Saskatoon. The style characteristics between the reported graffiti in Regina and Saskatoon are a match with Mr. Briestensky’s known sample from Vancouver.
Currently Saskatoon’s AGU is coordinating the investigation involving Vancouver, Regina and Calgary.
The Canada Graffiti Intel Network was created by the Saskatoon Police Service AGU in February 2006 to aid in the sharing of information between Police agencies regarding graffiti.
For further information please contact Detective Constable Lee Jones, Anti Graffiti Unit, 975-1401.