Two Motor Vehicle Collision College Drive & Preston Ave.

Saskatoon Police responded to a two vehicle collision that occurred at Preston Avenue and College Drive intersection at 3:15 PM today.

A vehicle was proceeding southbound on Preston Avenue initiating a left turn to proceed eastbound on College Drive. The other vehicle was proceeding northbound on Preston Avenue when it collided with the vehicle negotiating the left turn.

One of the vehicles rolled onto it's side during the collision.

Occupants of both vehicles received minor injuries but neither were transported to the Hospital.

The 20 year old male of the vehicle making the left onto College Drive was charged for: Fail To Yield To An Approaching Vehicle When Turning Left Contrary to The Traffic Safety Act.

Saskatoon Police Service wish to remind drivers to insure the intersection is clear of oncoming traffic prior to making a left turn.

(Occurrence Number: 08-50706)