Thefts Of Laptops - Public Advisory

With some types of crimes, police investigators work in cooperation with the private sector.

Police have received a number of laptop theft reports as a result of a residential or business break and enter. The loss of a laptop could potentially lead to further criminal activity like identity theft and credit and debit card fraud.

If you have a newer laptop, or are in the market to purchase one, ask the business if there is a program available to track the Internet Protocol (IP) address that a stolen laptop is accessed at, and how you can activate the software.

Other precautionary steps you can take are:

-do not store your laptop in your vehicle

-if you are taking it with you through an airport, or on vacation, keep it with you and within reach at all times.

-leave an identifying mark or symbol on your laptop.

-document the make, model and serial number and store that information in a safe place to assist police investigators.