Two Youths Arrested Following Foot Chase

Two 16 year old males are in custody facing a number of charges including Assaulting a Police Officer following a short foot chase this afternoon in Saskatoon.

Just before 1:30 two Community Response Unit officers were on bikes along the east side of the river when they noticed a group of youths acting suspiciously. When the officers approached the group they were assaulted by the youths and chased one male on foot to the Circle Drive Bridge. Both males were brought quickly into custody.

A 16 year old male is facing a charge of being Unlawfully At Large from a Regina youth facility, Possession of Drugs, Assaulting a Police Officer, Carrying a Concealed Weapon (machete). The male also had two outstanding warrants.

The second male, 16 years of age, was also found to be at large from a Regina youth facility, He is facing a number of charges including two counts of breach of probation and carrying a concealed weapon. He also had an outstanding warrant.

(Occurrence Number: 2008111979)