Mass Marketing Fraud Awareness

The Saskatoon Police Service Fraud Section wishes to remind the citizens of Saskatoon to protect themselves against Mass Marketing Fraud, solicitations and schemes.

In all but the rarest of occasions there are no free trips, offshore lottery winnings or free cash percentages for cashing money orders and wiring the money back to a person who is in "urgent need" of your help. If you find the "deal of a lifetime" advertised on the Internet that is just too good to be true, you can rest assured that it probably is.

Fraudsters are after your personal financial information and if they can get it, your cash! These are not just passive attempts to deprive you of a few dollars, they are aggressive tactics searching for a way to invade your financial world.

In recent days the Fraud Section has become aware of "Free Trips" being offered by phone solicitation based on recent purchases made at large chain stores. Fraudulent tele-marketers request a few hundred dollars charged to a Credit Card and promise lavish vacations in scenic and exotic places. Once the Fraudsters have your Credit Card Information they go on an immediate unrestricted spending spree utilizing your credit. The damage from this kind of identity theft is far reaching and can take months of effort and frustration to correct.

We live in an "Age of Information" and the Saskatoon Police Service strongly encourages you to protect yours!