Telephone Scams

The Saskatoon Police Service would like the public to be aware of telephone scams that are occurring in our city every day.

The computer voice message will advise that your name has been entered in a draw and you are now a winner of a free vacation or whatever the grand prize might be for that day.

We suggest you do not provide your credit card information to anyone you don’t know, especially a computer generated voice. Additional charges may be charged to your credit card if you choose to participate.

If you receive a phone call like this, do not push any buttons to respond to this call, just hang up your phone.

If you wish to report that you have received a phone call and are concerned this may be a scam, please call the RCMP Phonebusters system at 1-888-495-8501. You can also access their website at

The Saskatoon Police Service is aware of all phone scams currently in our city. Please protect yourselves by not giving out any personal information or credit card numbers to anyone you do not know.