Counterfeit Currency - Public/Business Advisory

The Saskatoon Police Service, Fraud Section is asking businesses and members of the public to be aware that there are counterfeit Canadian $100 bills in circulation in Saskatoon.

Last week alone approximately 30 - $100 bills were discovered when they reached financial institutions. The bills were likely passed in local businesses. They are all from the "Scenes of Canada" series, the $100 bill depicting Sir Robert Borden with a scene of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on the back of the bill.

While counterfeit bills may be difficult to detect, businesses and consumers should watch for the following:

Genuine currency has raised ink, feeling thicker to the touch on large numerals, the portrait, coat of arms and image of parliament buildings; the image should have fine details (fake bills have blurred printing); counterfeit bills should be slightly smaller or slightly larger than genuine currency.

One of the best ways to compare is to use a known genuine note as you examine the bill suspected as fake.

Business owners may refuse to take bills suspected to be fake. Anyone with suspected counterfeit currency is asked to contact Police at 975-8300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Electronic images of the "Scenes of Canada" $100 bill will be sent to media.