Air Support Unit - Thermal Imaging Camera Launch

Thermal imaging is at work in the skies over Saskatoon.
Mounted in the Saskatoon Police Service Air Support Unit, the Thermal Imaging Camera System allows Air Support members to see clearly what is occurring on the ground below them at all times of day or night.
“Thermal imaging equipment increases the effectiveness of Saskatoon Police Service operations, while at the same time addressing community concerns regarding the aircraft,” says Police Chief Clive Weighill.
The highly sensitive equipment was purchased with funding provided by SGI. Through the lens of a thermal imaging camera, warm objects clearly stand out from their cooler background.
"The Saskatchewan government is committed to providing support and funding to make Saskatchewan a safer place to live,” Minister of Crown Corporations Ken Cheveldayoff said. “Partnerships such as this one between SGI and the Saskatoon Police Service help support our vision of a safe and secure province."
The media is invited to attend as the Minister of Crown Corporations, Ken Cheveldayoff, and Police Chief Clive Weighill officially launch the Thermal Imaging Camera System on Monday, May 25, 2009, at 11:00 a.m., Hanger 8, Thayer Avenue, Mitchinson Flying Service.