Traffic Enforcement Spring Street Sweep

The Saskatoon Police Service has concluded the Spring Street Sweep operation.

For eight days, between May 5th and May 22, 1260 vehicles were stopped for roadside inspections. As a result, 60 vehicles were towed as a result of major safety violations. A total of 1211 vehicle equipment violations were identified.

1372 traffic charges were laid of which 958 were for speeding and 103 for failing to wear a seatbelt.

During the inspections officers also laid 6 criminal code charges, 3 drug related charges and arrested 13 people on outstanding warrants.

Street Sweep is a joint operation involving saskatoon Police, RCMP, Saskatchewan Highway Transportation Patrol and the CN Police. The inspections focus on safety and fitness of all types of vehicles from motorcycles to power units and trailers. At the same time, Police continued focus on the enforcement of speed limits and seatbelt use.