Street Racing Leads To Charges

At approximately 2 a.m. ,4 June 2009 police spotted two vehicles engaged in a contest of speed in the area of Broadway Av and 8th St. The race continued southbound on Broadway Av, across the Broadway Bridge with estimated speeds exceeding 100 kmh. Police stopped both vehicles in the 200 blk 2nd Av South. As a result a 23 year old female and a 19 year old male were charged with impaired driving under the Criminal Code and engaging in a contest of speed under the Traffic Safety Act. Both drivers had their vehicles seized .

In an earlier incident at approximately 5 p.m., 3 June 2009 a police officer doing traffic enforcement in the 900 block of Kenderdine Road at captured a sport motorcycle at 99 kmh with radar, speeds reached approximately 110 kmh before the operator was stopped. The operator had a learners license. The 22 year old male driver was charged with speeding and his motorcycle seized under provisions of the Traffic Safety Act.

The dangers of this type of vehicle operation are obvious. The consequences are severe. The Saskatoon Police Service requests all drivers to think carefully and act responsibly always.