Moose Enters City

At approximately 7;28 AM police were called in regards to a moose running at large in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Saskatoon. Police were eventually able to herd it into the riverbank area.

Conservation Officers from SERM were involved with police in an attempt to have the moose croos the river to reunite with a second moose that was found on the west end of the city. A member of the Saskatoon Rowing Club that was practicing on the river at the time offered assitance to try and keep the moose moving south in the river to prevent it from re-entering the city.

It eventually made it's way back onto the east side bank and entered the city again. Shortly after 1100AM the moose was tranquilized by SERM officers in the Avalon neighborhood as it had become a high risk to the public and itself. The moose was a young bull estimaterd to be approximately one year old.

The moose was loaded by SERM officers and moved to an area south of the city to be reunited with a small herd of moose that live in the Pike Lake area.

The moose calf was last seen in the area of McCormack Rd and highway 7. No additional sightings of the moose calf were noted by police or called in by the public.

(Occurrence Number: 09-55444)