Update: Purge Walk - Canceled By Organizers

We have been contacted by the event organizers who stated that they are canceling this event. They stated that the way it was perceived is not what they had intended.

We are still planning on a having a police presence tomorrow night at River Landing.

As stated, we did not endorse this event, nor would we endorse any similar event occurring in Saskatoon where fake weapons were involved.

The press conference for this afternoon has been canceled.

Press conference to be held at Saskatoon Police Service at 1:30 p.m. today to address this event.

We are aware of an event tomorrow night calling itself the "Purge Walk" where people are encouraged to dress up in costumes and carry around fake weapons. This event is not endorsed by the Saskatoon Police Service. We caution those considering participating in this event of the hazards of running around in public areas with weapons whether they be real or fake.