Update - Aggressive Coyote X Ref Media Release 2016-0779

Further to the previous media release 16-0779, warning of a coyote chasing people and animals on the U of S, Saskatoon Police have located the coyote and rendered the area safe again.

When officers arrived in the area they quickly located the coyote, as it did not flee as they approached. Instead the coyote watched the officers intently, postured aggressively and howled and yelped at the officers. Faced with a danger to the public safety the coyote was shot and killed with a single bullet from a rifle handled by one of the specially trained members to deal with animal incidents of this nature.

Saskatoon Police would like to thank the public for staying away from this area while officers worked to make it safe. The area is open again to the public.

(Occurrence Number: 16-109063)