February Traffic Safety Focus - Seatbelts

Saskatchewan’s seatbelt laws have been in place since 1977, but even after 40 years Police are continuing to see motorists failing to buckle up when in their vehicles.

The Saskatoon Police Service is putting an emphasis on occupant restraints for the month of February as outlined through SGI's Traffic Safety Awareness Calendar.

"Despite continued enforcement efforts and education, we continue to see people not wearing seatbelts while driving," says Staff Sergeant Judy McHarg of the Traffic Unit. "Since 2000, we've issued nearly 50,000 tickets relating to seatbelt infractions."

Yesterday, one of the enforcement initiatives conducted by the SPS Traffic Unit resulted in 53 tickets. Ten of those were related to seatbelts. The others were for infractions such as speeding and using a cell phone while driving.

According to SGI, the majority of fatal collisions are in single vehicle rollovers where the occupants are not wearing their seatbelts. By wearing seatbelts, motorists can decrease their chance of sustaining serious injury in a collision by as much as 50 per cent.

Under Section 248 of the Traffic Safety Act, all persons traveling in a vehicle are required to use a seatbelt (including booster and child car seats). The penalty for failing to wear a seatbelt, or wear it improperly, is $175.