March Traffic Safety Focus - Distracted Driving

The Saskatoon Police Service is focusing enforcement efforts on distracted driving for the month of March as outlined through SGI's Traffic Safety Awareness Calendar.

The use of cell phones and other electronic communication devices while driving is a significant and growing concern. An increasing number of collisions can be attributed to cell phone use. In 2016, 900 tickets were issued by the SPS to motorists using cell phones while driving.

At the beginning of 2017, cell phone legislation was strengthened. For information on the changes, please visit SGI's website:

Police would also like to remind drivers that there are other forms of distracted driving in addition to cell phone use. Last year there were 622 tickets issued for Driving without Due Care and Attention.

Under the Traffic Safety Act, both Using Handheld Electronic Communications Device and Driving Without Due Care and Attention carry a $280 penalty.