STC Prostest Results In Arrests

Six persons were arrested as a result of a protest that took place at the Saskatchewan Transportation Company depot in Saskatoon. Police were called to the depot just after 9:30 PM Wednesday after reports were received indicating there were a number of people on a bus that had arrived from Regina. All six refused to get off the bus.

Negotiations carried on between Police and the protesters until 1:15 AM Thursday morning at which point the group was arrested and escorted off the bus.

A 32 year old woman , two men aged 37 and a third man aged 23, all from Saskatoon, along with a 54 year old woman and a 33 year old man from Regina were all transported to SPS Detention Centre where they were warned for Mischief and released.

There were no injuries as a result of the incident.

(Occurrence Number: 17-54012)