Construction Zone Enforcement

Members of the Saskatoon Police Service Traffic unit have been focusing on the construction zones on both Highway 5 at McCormand Rd, and Highway 16 at Boychuk Dr.

Numerous drivers are traveling way too fast with total disregard for the safety of the people working near the roadways.

Yesterday June 6th, in a 2 hour period, 23 drivers were issued speeding tickets, with the highest traveling at 97 kph in the 60 zone. Today, there were 32 tickets issued in a 2.25 hr period with the high speed clocked at 91 kph. The fine for 37 km over the speed limit is $512.

We will continue to focus our attention on construction zones, to help protect the safety of the workers and equipment operators. Drivers must slow to 60kph in all orange zones, even if no workers are present.