Three Arrested - Cocaine Trafficking Investigation

A 20 year old Saskatoon man is facing a number of charges following an investigation by members of the Saskatoon Integrated Drug Enforcement Street Team (SIDEST).

The 20 year old man was arrested on June 13, 2017, following an investigation into cocaine trafficking that began in May of this year. He is now facing seven counts of trafficking in cocaine and six counts of possession of the proceeds of crime. He was taken into custody following what is believed to be a drug transaction that was witnessed by officers near a park on East Drive. Following the transaction two traffic stops were also made. In one vehicle a .40 calibre semi-automatic pistol was located and the driver was arrested. The 26 year old Saskatoon man is now facing seven firearm related charges. In another vehicle the driver was found to be in possession of cocaine in individual baggies and cash. The 22 year old Saskatoon man is facing charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and possession of the proceeds of crime.

Court information # 991015466, 991015468, 991015469.

(Occurrence Number: 17-49877)