Public Service Advisory - Firearms - Real Vs. Fake

The Saskatoon Police have received numerous inquiries regarding firearms used in crimes that are actually air-soft pellet guns or BB guns. As you can see in the attached photo, the “fake” gun look very realistic. Can you tell which is real?

When Officers go into a situation, they treat it as if they are dealing with a real, potentially lethal firearm. Firearms are viewed the same way in court; even using a “fake” gun holds the same charges as using a real gun. An armed robbery is still an armed robbery, even when the firearm is “fake.”

The SPS is urging the public to take every situation with a firearm seriously and please report all crimes involving firearms, even when it may only be a pellet or BB gun. It may not be able to cause the same damage as a real firearm, but the threat of someone getting hurt is very real.

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