Over 300 Bikes Reported Stolen Since May 1st

Bike theft continues to be a problem in Saskatoon. Since the beginning of May, 303 bicycles have been reported stolen.

Last year Police launched the #GetMyBikeBack initiative that reminded citizens of the importance of recording their bikes serial number. We would again like to reiterate that message. When bikes are recovered, it is difficult for Police to identify the bike as stolen without it. Attached is an image that shows common places to locate your bikes serial number.

When filing reports of stolen bicycles, it is also helpful to include a photo and description of the bicycle, including the make, model, type, and colour.

Residents are reminded to also lock or secure sheds and garages as many bike thefts are often linked to break and enters. Never leave your bicycle unlocked outside overnight.

As an extension to the #GetMyBikeBack campaign, the SPS is in the process of establishing a bike registry that will allow residents to register their bikes serial numbers online. When complete, the registry will be able to be accessed through the SPS website at saskatoonpolice.ca, or by downloading the SPS mobile app on iOS or Android devices. The information is for police use only in the event your bike is lost or stolen.

Officers in the Bike Unit are also working with local businesses to promote this program.

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