Disturbance - 37th St West At Hunt Road

A 20 year old man from Saskatoon is in custody after a disturbance this afternoon on 37th St W near Hunt Road. Police were called just before 4:30 PM after a man approached a school bus and began harassing the driver. The male climbed up on the vehicle eventually taking a position on the roof of the bus.

As officers arrived on the scene they attempted to engage the male in conversation in an effort to determine the problem and get him to come down. As the man continued to scream and holler and pace up and down the length of the vehicle, a step ladder was put in place against the side of the bus in hopes of resolving the situation.

Police were also able to bring a second bus to the location and safely transfer all of the passengers who were special needs adults. After approximately 20 minutes or so of discussion, officers were able to get the man to come down and he was safely taken into custody.

It appears the suspect was under the influence of some sort of drug and after being checked over by the on-duty paramedic he was lodged in the SPS Detention Centre. He will be held in custody until sober and will appear in court at a later date charged with Public Mischief.

(Occurrence Number: 17-8000)