Slow To 60km/h When Passing Emergency Workers On Highways

Members of the Saskatoon Police Service’s Combined Traffic Services Unit will be teaming up with Highway Transport Patrol Officers and members of the RCMP all week in order to drive home the message that motorists are required to slow to 60 km/h when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the side of a highway with lights flashing.

This legislation has been in effect for almost 2 decades, yet first responders across the province continue to experience situations where their lives are put at risk by motorists speeding by them.

Motorists are reminded that when they see flashing lights on the side of a highway, they should change lanes if possible, and that they must slow to 60 km/h, regardless of what lane they are in. This applies to opposite direction traffic on single lane highways as well.

Emergency vehicles include tow trucks, fire trucks, ambulances and police cars.

The Traffic Safety Act provides for increased fines for violators. A motorist passing an emergency vehicle at 100 km/h, for example, would face a penalty of $360.