CEW Deployment - 300 Block O'Regan Cr.

A man was arrested yesterday after evading Police and assaulting an officer.

At approximately 1:40 p.m., October 30, 2017, an officer on Patrol attempted to conduct a traffic stop at 33rd Street West and Avenue Y on an extremely damaged car driving evasively. The officer engaged the emergency equipment on the Patrol car, but the suspect driver refused to stop. The driver disobeyed a stop sign and continued driving evasively, but did not increase speeds. The driver then parked at a residence in the 300 block of O'Regan Crescent. The suspect driver, a 22 year old man, ignored Police commands and ran from the car into the residence, locking the officer out. A female resident spoke to the officer at the door and eventually convinced the man to exit the home to speak with the officer. The man was visibly agitated and when the officer attempted to place him under arrest, he engaged the officer in a physical altercation. The man then attempted to run back inside the residence, but the officer deployed his Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW). The CEW disabled the man for a moment, but he was able to flee back into the house. At this point, back-up Patrol officers arrived to aid the single officer. Police gained entry into the residence and located the man who continued to ignore verbal commands and was physically violent towards officers. A second CEW was deployed and the man was arrested.

MD Ambulance attended to the scene and treated the man for minor injuries. He was then transported by Police to hospital, then taken back into Police custody.

The 22 year old male was charged with Evade Police, Assaulting a Peace Officer and Obstruction. He was also issued a ticket for driving while suspended and a second ticket for failing to stop for a stop sign.

This incident will be reviewed in accordance to policy.

(Court Info Number: 991030241)

(Occurrence Number: 17-114779)