Public Advisory - Holiday Safety

The Saskatoon Police Service, in partnership with the Downtown, Broadway and Riversdale Business Improvement Districts, would like to remind people to keep theft prevention and safety in mind during the holiday season.

Protect your purchase

An increased number of people will be frequenting shopping centres, grocery stores and department stores. In many cases, people will leave purchases in their vehicles while they continue to shop. Please remember to lock purchases in the trunk of your vehicle and keep them out of plain view for would-be thieves to act on crimes of opportunity.

Protect your identity

Do not disclose personal details online or over the telephone. Avoid leaving wallets or purses unattended. Also remember to shield your PIN from people who may be looking over your shoulder.

Protect your home

Ensure that all doors and windows are closed, locked, and if there is a security system in place, it is activated. At this time of year, when many homeowners are away during the holidays, residents are asked to assist their neighbours in watching for, and reporting suspicious activity to Police. Residents are also encouraged to arrange to have someone shovel their sidewalk and driveway, check the mail and turn on different lights so houses do not appear empty.