Stolen License Plate Investigation Results In Seizure Of Loaded Shotgun: Four Persons Arrested, 60 Charges Laid

Four people are facing over 60 charges after being found in possession of a stolen vehicle and firearms last night.

At approximately 7:45 p.m., December 3, 2017, a Patrol Officer observed a Chrysler 300 with a stolen license plate at the intersection of College Drive and McKercher Drive. Police followed the vehicle to the 600 block of Beckett Crescent where they found it abandoned. Due to fresh snow, Officers were able to track the occupants to the 300 block of Buckwold Cove where three people were found to be hiding. A fourth male was arrested a short distance away.

Upon further investigation by Police, two shotguns, one of which was loaded, were located in the trunk of the vehicle. In addition to the stolen license plate, the vehicle was also found to have been reported stolen in November.

Two males, ages 28 and 31, and two females, ages 18 and 23, are facing over 60 charges relating to firearms and possession of stolen property.

(Court Info #s: 991033542, 991033545, 991033546, 991033549, 991033541)

(Occurrence Number: 17-126041)