CEW Deployed - Man Charged With Assault

A 34 year old Saskatoon man is facing assault charges after police were called to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the 200 block of Keevil Way. Officers responded to the complaint just after 4:00 A.M. Monday morning. Upon arriving they were confronted by a man who appeared agitated and combative and refused to comply with instructions from the officers.

A Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) was deployed however missed the target and consequently was ineffective. A physical confrontation ensued between officers and the suspect and he was safely taken into custody. One officer received minor injuries however did not require medical treatment. MD Ambulance personnel attended and checked the suspect over. He was then transported to SPS HQ Detention Centre and will see a Justice of the Peace later today.

As is always the case with the deployment of CEW's, the incident will be reviewed according to SPS Policy.

(Occurrence Number: 18-210)