Public Advisory - Online Reporting

The Saskatoon Police Service wishes to remind the public of the online reporting system and the types of files that can be reported using this method.

In February 2011, the Saskatoon Police Service launched online reporting that allowed members of the public to file non-emergency police reports, at their convenience, without waiting for an officer to attend the scene.

Recently, the SPS has noticed an increase in the number of people attempting to report crimes that require a more timely response from Police. Some of these include robberies, threats of violence and check on the welfare. Members of the public wishing to report crimes such as these need to attend to the Police Service or call 306-975-8300.

Coplogic was designed for certain types of crime; ones that were not emergencies, did not involve personal violence or a hate crime, and if there is no known suspects (either a person or a vehicle). The system is not monitored 24/7 and all files are reviewed by an officer, meaning that it may be several days before a response is received.

For more information on online reporting, visit