Shopping Centre Parking Lot Enforcement

The Saskatoon Police Service is increasing enforcement in parking lots in the 3500 block of 8th Street East.

The SPS has received an increasing number of complaints from businesses in the area regarding people loitering, consuming alcohol in parked vehicles and harassing patrons of businesses. Beginning immediately, SPS will be assigning officers to a specialized patrol of the area during peak problem hours, along with regular patrol. Officers will be enforcing liquor related laws as well as the Trespass to Property Act. If signs are posted prohibiting loitering or parking, drivers and pedestrians are not to be on the property, unless they are patrons of the businesses. SPS is taking a “zero tolerance” approach, enforcing all offenses observed and reported. In response to these concerns from the community, the public may notice an increased Police presence.

Saskatoon Police are asking for the public’s assistance to help us create a safer community; If you witness a crime being committed or suspicious activity, please call the Saskatoon Police Service at 306-975-8300 or 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.