Robbery With Violence

Released on July 21, 2007

9:40 p.m. 20 July, 2007 police attended to the 2200 hundred block of 22nd Street West where four citizens held a male person for police. This 24 year old male was responsible for a robbery with violence after trying to take 12 beer from the 45 year old victim who had left a nearby off sale premises.

The responsible male had been extremely aggressive and violent in trying to escape from the citizens who had come to the aid of the victim. Upon arrival police arrested, handcuffed and searched the prisoner. A six inch throwing knife was found in the right pocket of the prisoner.

Thankfully the four males were able to hold the prisoner to the ground so he could not have reached his knife if he so intended.

Due to the intervention of the citizens the victim only received four blows to his face and did not need medical attention.

(Occurrence Number: 2007-73556)