Successful Night For The E.A.G.L.E.

7:50 pm August 4, 2007 a robbery with violence occurred on the street in the 3000 blk 33rd St W. A hat and sunglasses were stolen from a youth. Police arrived immediately but the suspects had left in a vehicle. The police obtained a partial description of the vehicle.

EAGLE attended at this time but could not locate the vehicle. During their regular flight patrols of the city, they kept checking the area and at 8:50 pm located the vehicle. EAGLE directed police cars that where able to box the vehicle in and stop it safely. Further investigations are continuing involving this vehicle. They are for assaults at the Fringe on the night of the 4th of August, Marihuanna and Bear Spray possession, and further street robberies.

As a result of a radio call at 2:25 am police where checking an area of Douglas Crescent. People where out of a vehicle in a back lane acting suspiciously. They tried to evade police who had a pursuit of approximately 30 seconds before Eagle was able to take control. The suspect vehicle drove erratically on the west side streets for a period of time before crossing the city via the Sid Buckwold Bridge. The vehicle eventually stopped in the exhibition area , at 2:40 am.

Eagle was able to direct the police vehicles to the car and a K-9 track was started. At this time the vehicle was determined to be stolen due damage to the interior.


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