Fraudulent Prize Winner Notifications

The Saskatoon Police Service Fraud Section is advising residents to be aware of at least two fraud schemes involving a fraudulent lottery and sweepstakes.

The Service has been contacted by many residents who have received letters, faxes or emails stating that they have won money.

In the first, the scam makes reference to the Publisher Sweepstakes Registry. In order to receive prize money the recipient must cash a cheque that is sent to them for $4,000 they must then send the money to another party. Following that the Sweepstakes promises to send the prize money, which never arrives. The cheque as cashed does not clear and is returned to the recipient’s bank. The recipient is out $4,000.

In the second, a fax or email arrives from the fraudulent El Gordo Spanish Sweepstakes which requests the recipient of prize money go through similar steps. However, the winner is asked to cover the cost of administrative and transfer fees before they receive prize money. The prize money is not awarded in this case either.

Anyone receiving this or similar types of letters, faxes or emails is asked to disregard and destroy them. Residents are also reminded to avoid sending money or cashing cheques in circumstances which may seem suspicious.

For more information please contact Acting Staff Sgt. Bernie Vossen at 975-8348.

(Occurrence Number: Fraudulent Prize Winner Notifications )