Why the Saskatoon Police Service?

Saskatoon Police Officers

The Saskatoon Police Service is over 100 years old and built on a tradition of excellence. The Service has been aggressively recruiting new members to replace a large number of senior officers who have, or are planning to retire. The Recruiting section has been exploring areas that have not traditionally produced a great deal of applicants in the past; among aboriginal peoples, visible minorities and women.

The Saskatoon Police Service has implemented a number of initiatives designed to attract more diverse applicants including, monthly recruitment information sessions, a mentorship program, and advertising outside the province.

The Service recently joined forces with several others around the province to form the Saskatchewan Police Aboriginal Recruiting Committee, or SPARC. The committee's goal is to generate interest in aboriginal youth in a career in law enforcement.

The rigorous application process catches many applicants off-guard, but it is necessary to ensure the people who put on a Saskatoon Police Service uniform are the right people for the job.