Community Liaison Officers

The Saskatoon Police Service has three members designated as Community Liaison Officers.The CLO’s fill a valuable outreach role for the police service and the community. They liaise with a multitude of government, business and community groups focusing on proactive community safety strategies.

CLO’s utilize the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) program. They also assist the Crime Free Multi Housing (CFMH) program by holding meetings and safety socials, and providing presentations to apartment managers and owners of the rental properties.

CLO’s play a valuable role in the Stolen Auto/Break and Enter Task Force as well, which was created to address the rising number of offences. The CLO’s are an extension of the community where they involve “target hardening”strategies and creating awareness. In addition, the CLO’s organize and oversee the Community Police Academy, Cooperative Policing Program, Citizens Patrol Program, conduct numerous presentations, are involved in Violent Threat Risk Assessments (VTRAs) and participate in various committees such as the Safer Communities Task Force. In addition, they are also involved in Active Shooter training for non-school organizations (malls, airports etc.).

CLO’s assess the community’s needs through direct contact with various organizations and provide feedback to members of the service to help create strength and unity within Saskatoon communities.

Central Division

     Cst. Clayton Fidyk: (306) 975-8032 –

East Division

     Cst. Jason Tomaz  (306) 975-2267 –

Northwest Division

     Cst. Jeff Nachtegaele:  (306) 975-2296 –