Community Watch

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Community Watch is a flexible crime prevention and crime interruption program that supports the partnering of the Saskatoon Police Service and the community in making our communities a safe place to live and work.

Make a difference

Being involved in the dissemination and acquisition of crime related information will assist in making your community a safe place to live and work. With proper information, communities and police can work on solutions to existing problems.

It's easy to get involved.

  • Do a security audit of your home or business and upgrade any deficiencies.
  • Mark and photograph your property for identification
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours. "A trusted neighbour is one of the most effective crime prevention tools ever created"
  • Share information you receive through the Community Watch network with anyone you feel may benefit from it.

Why Report Suspicious Behavior?

  • The members of a community are the ones most familiar with the people, the vehicles, the activity and routines in that neighborhood. The community is best able to identify when something varies from the norm or something is not right.
  • Police seldom come across crime in progress.
  • Someone else may not have called the police - you can't assume they have.

Educational Programs

The Community Services Section of the police service provides educational programs and presentations for adults, children or businesses.

  • Crystal meth
  • Street Gangs
  • Graffiti
  • Personal Safety and Home Security
  • Internet Safety
  • Drinking and Driving
  • Armed Robbery and Shoplifting Prevention
  • Counterfeit Money

Who Should I call?

  • If you see a crime in progress call 9-1-1
  • To report a crime that is over with or not emergent call 306-975-8300
  • To anonymously report information to the police call Crimestoppers at 306-975-TIPS
  • To report an ongoing problem in your neighbourhood call the Community Liaison Officer in your area of the city. Please refer to the Patrol Divisions map to determine your division.
    Central - 306-975-8032
    East - 306-975-2267
    Northwest - 306-975-2296