Northwest Division

Inspector Tonya Gresty
Inspector Tonya Gresty
Officer in Charge: Inspector Tonya Gresty
Population (2020): 85,534
Geographic Area (2018): 105.2 sq. km.

Source: City of Saskatoon

Northwest Division Quick Facts


The division is the second largest of the three divisions in terms of geographic size and population. It consists of 23 residential neighbourhoods, 5 industrial neighbourhoods, 4 management areas and 4 development areas.

Summary of Violations
Offence Type 2019 2020 % Change
Crimes Against the Person 1,077 1,099 2.0%
Crimes Against Property 5,359 4,370 -18.5%
Total Other Criminal Code & CDSA 1,582 1,601 1.2%
Total Calls for Service 33,029 32,036 -3.0%

*RMS statistics on record as of January 14, 2021. Crime statistics are constantly being updated due to new information being received, changes in reporting procedures, and ongoing investigations. As a result, data may differ from previously published reports.

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