Single Vehicle Motorcycle Accident

Shortly before 4:00 PM on Saturday April 12, 2008 Saskatoon Police responded to a single vehicle motorcycle accident at Circle Drive and College Drive.

The motorcyclist was north bound on Circle Drive and intended to negotiate the off-ramp which would have taken him westbound on College Drive. Just as he was entering the off-ramp, the motorcycle slid on a patch of loose gravel causing the operator to lose control and the motorcycle slid to a stop on it's side. The twenty year old male sustained only minor injuries and was treated at the scene by responding members of MD Ambulance.

Police investigators concluded that loose gravel on the roadway and driver inexperience were the causes of the accident. No moving violations were issued to the driver, but he did receive an administrative citation for a license endorsement violation.

With the onset of warmer weather, Saskatoon Police wish to advise all motorists, including motorcyclists and cyclists, to be cautious of the loose material remaining on city roadways from winter sanding. This material can make stopping or turning very dangerous if encountered unexpectedly. Please be patient and drive carefully and defensively.