SPS Traffic Enforcement - Seatbelts - Speed Enforcement - - School Zones

The SPS Traffic Enforcement Team will be concentrating efforts on seat belt use and school zone speeds over the next few days. Motorists are reminded that school zone speed limits are 30 kilometers per hour.

20 tickets were issued yesterday in both East Division and Northwest Division school zones. The Traffic Enforcement Team will be working in the Forest Grove and Brunskill school zones over the next couple of days, as well as several other unspecified school zones. In addition to the obvious safety considerations, traveling 50 km / hr in a school zone translates to a $220.00 ticket.

Seat belt enforcement projects will be taking place in the north area of the city.

Of course as is always the case, all other rules of the road and traffic laws will be enforced and monitored by the Traffic Enforcement Unit as well as Patrol officers as these projects are carried out.