SPS Traffic Report - Enforcement Continues

SPS Traffic Section radar teams handed out 85 speeding violations in various school zones yesterday. The Enforcement team was in the area of St. Edwards School and Henry Kelsey School, as well as BJM and Marion Graham. Anyone traveling across the Sid Buckwold Bridge this afternoon will likely notice that radar units are emitting speed detecting rays all over that area. Bridges can be slippery when there are changes in the weather, especially during the winter. The key is to slow down and get where you are going safely.

As always traffic enforcement personnel will be in various other parts of the city looking for any and all types of traffic violations. Remember, the SPS Traffic Section operates unmarked cars for the most part, so because you don't see them, does not necessarily mean they aren't there.

Motorists are reminded that if they notice an emergency vehicle behind them, or see flashing emergency lights or hear an emergency siren, the law requires that you pull to right as soon as safe, and do not cross the next intersection.