Two Unrelated Robberies

#1 At 1810 hours Police were dispatched to a robbery at 23rd St and 2nd Ave. A woman was knocked to the ground and her purse was stolen. There were two suspects in this event, the only description available was one was dressed in light clothing and the other all in dark clothing. K-9 was called to the scene and the short track was not successful.

#2 At approximately 1900 hours Police responded to an alarm in the 2100 22nd St. West which turned out to be an attempted robbery. A lone male entered the premise brandishing an edged weapon and demanded cash. He attempted to open the till and when staff activated the alarm, the suspect was scared off, leaving empty handed. The suspect is described as 16-18 years of age, 5'8" and of a stocky build. He was wearing a two tone colored hoody over a jean jacket and the clerk was not able to get a good look at his face. K-9 is currently attempting a track for the suspect and if it is successful another release will be forthcoming.

Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to call Police or Crimestoppers.