SPS Traffic Safety Report

SPS Traffic Unit enforcement officers will be out in the areas of 22nd Street, between Ave U and Ave P as well as on Confederation Drive. Traffic members will also be concentrating efforts on 8th Street and McKercher Drive. These areas have proven to be high- risk for collisions and radar teams will be at work in an effort to slow drivers down. The Traffic Unit will also be operating radar in several unspecified locations around the city and as always will be looking for traffic violations of any sort.

Seatbelt and Stop Sign enforcement are also priorities this week.

Yesterday morning several speeding motorists met members of the enforcement team in the areas of Millar Ave. as well as Attridge Drive. 20 tickets were issued for a combination of speeding and failing to stop at stop signs. Motorist are reminded that the law requires you come to a complete stop at a stop sign.