Community Support Program Radios

The Saskatoon Police Service has provided equipment and training to the Community Support Officers as they continue to have an effective role in addressing negative street activity.

The CSO’s are now equipped with radios that have GPS capabilities and access to Police communication channels. They have been trained by SPS staff on their use and will improve communications between the SPS and CSOs.

“By equipping the CSO’s with radios, it will also assist with efficiencies and improved response times to issues in the downtown core,” says SPS Inspector Randy Huisman of Central Division. “The other important side of this is their safety and being able to directly contact Police if they encounter an incident that puts their officers at risk.”

For the last four years members of the Saskatoon Community Support Program have been walking the beat and working with service providers in the city’s three business improvement districts. In 2015, the CSO’s attended 1560 such calls.

“Our officers attend calls involving addictions, disturbances and loitering, and have the authority to enforce bylaws,” says Community Support Program Supervisor Lesley Prefontaine. “The GPS capabilities of the radio allow Police Communications to dispatch us to more of these types of calls based on our locations.”

The collaboration will enhance the partnership between the Community Support Program, the SPS and the three business improvement districts (Riversdale, Downtown Saskatoon, and Broadway).

For more information please contact:

Lesley Prefontaine, Supervisor, Community Support Program, 306-491-9420

Randy Huisman, Inspector, SPS, 306-986-0975

Brent Penner, Executive Director, Downtown Saskatoon, 306-227-8644