One Adult, Three Youths Arrested After Attempting To Evade Police In A Stolen Vehicle.

At 10:30 PM Friday evening, the SPS received an erratic driving report concerning a truck in the 400 block of Confederation Drive. Reports indicated the vehicle was swerving from lane to lane, braking erratically and being operated in a reckless manner. Moments later , a Canine officer came across the vehicle at Circle Drive and Clancy Blvd. It was quickly determined that the truck had been reported stolen earlier in the day. The Canine officer, operating an unmarked patrol car followed the vehicle through the Fairhaven and Parkridge neighborhoods until other police units could get into the area. The Air Support Unit was also just being readied for take-off.

After police units were in place a traffic stop was initiated, however the suspect vehicle took evasive action and quickly reached speeds near 100 kms/hr. After only seconds, the pursuit was terminated by police for safety reasons, however the suspects quickly abandoned the stolen vehicle on Gropper Crescent and ran in various directions on foot. Two suspects were arrested immediately by officers on the scene and a police service dog in conjunction with the Air Support Unit located the other two suspects hiding nearby.

A 20 year old man along with a 16 year old girl, a 16 year old boy and a 14 year old boy, all from Saskatoon face charges that include possession of stolen property, dangerous driving, evade police, possession of marihuana and breach of various court orders. All four will see a Justice of the Peace later on Saturday. There were no injuries with the exception of the 20 year old who received medical attention from MD Ambulance personnel for injuries consistent with a dog bite.......

(Occurrence Number: 17-19167)